SVYTEJIMAS was founded in February 13, 1995 in Vilnius. The company started its business from traffic sign production. Improving production technologies, in a few years the company installed new equipment, which enables prompt and high quality completion of orders of custom-made products from sheet metal of various thickness.

More than 120 employees have already joined the constantly growing and excellent team of Švytėjimas UAB. 70 of them are top grade and certified. 

We set high standards for ourselves, continuously improving the process and skills to create high-quality products. Quality control is ensured by Quality Management Systemaccording to ISO 9001 standard and now we are implementing EN ISO 3834-3 "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials" standard. The company has an European Welding Engineer (EWE), certified personnel to perform non-destructive testing for welded products: Visual (VT), Color (PT). 

The enterprise's activities include the following areas: